Porsche 356 C 1964

Grise intérieur cuir noir

L’ultime évolution de la mythique Porsche 356, équipée de 4 freins à disques, tout à fait conforme à l’origine.

Moteur 1600 75 cv

Très bel exemplaire entièrement restauré en Hollande il y a 2 ans et qui a très peu roulé depuis
Roule très bien, mécanique refaite.


Porsche 356cPorsche 356cPorsche 356c


Porsche 356cPorsche 356c

Porsche 356C coupé1964

Grey with black leather interior

Engine: four cylinder, air-cooled, 1,582cc, 75bhp at 5,200rpm; Gearbox: four speed manual; Suspension: front, independent with parallel trailing arms, rear, revised transverse torsion bars, swing axle; Brakes: four wheel disc. Left hand drive.

The Porsche 356C was announced in the Summer of 1963 and was the final version of its type before the all-new six cylinder 911s were introduced in 1965. The steel chassis frame was basically unaltered from the 356B and the body was the T6 design with twin air intakes on the enlarged rear lid, a more ample windscreen and rear window, and a bigger front hood. The interior was virtually unchanged and in fact quite Spartan when compared to other sports cars of the day. Just two engine options were available, either the 75bhp 1600C or 95bhp SC, the former fitted with twin Zenith carburettors rather than Solex. The most significant difference was in the braking as the C now had four wheel discs, which made a significant difference to the stopping power. In all, some 16,668 356Cs were built and they were praised for their quality of finish, panel fit, engineering integrity and road holding capabilities.
This highly attractive 356 example has been restored in the Netherlands two years ago by a very good professional bodywork shop. Mechanic is in top condition, really fun to drive.